Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pressure on Peters

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a contributing editor at Armed Forces Journal and regular talking head on cable TV for his military "expertise," sometimes has worthwhile things to say, although often I find myself disagreeing with him.

But his recent appearances on cable shows where he appears to encourage the Taliban to actually execute a captured American soldier (that Peters apparently suspects is a 'deserter' for God knows what reason) is one of the most appalling things to occur among the punditry in quite some time. It hasn't gotten a lot of attention from mainstream media, but the online media is abuzz. One can only imagine what it would have been like if someone from the "Left" said something like that.

In any case, a Congressman has now weighed in, which may very well become a tipping point.

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I honestly can't fathom what Peters is thinking here, but I don't see any justification at all for it, even of the solider was a deserter.

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