Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The only thing wrong was that more of them weren't shot

"The only thing that went wrong ... is that so many of the weren't shot"

A quote by a British loyalist about the Boston Massacre? No, not quite. Actually a partial quote by an American commenter on this site.

The full quote:
"The only thing that went wrong at Kent is that so many of them WEREN'T shot. "

Yep, the only thing wrong is that more U.S. citizens exersing their First Amendment rights were not shot. Oh, and I suppose that extended to the bystanders such as ROTC student William Schoeder who was walking to class. It's a pity more people like him were not shot too, according to these people. Or so they say.

There's an amazing number of people who will hold these two thoughts in their minds at the same time: The government will have to pry my weapons from my cold dead hand AND it's OK for the government to shoot down unarmed protesters because they were DFH and deserved it.

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