Friday, August 29, 2008

Is it a McCurse?

This whole Sarah Palin choice thing can't help but remind me of 1972 and McGovern's ill-fated choice of Thomas Eagleton.

Will the GOP really actaully be satisfied with this pick?
Sure, she'll appeal to those who simply can't bear to actually think and therefore believe that the Bible dictates the answer to every question in life, science and politics, but those folks aren't wanywhere enough to win win.

She appears to be utterly unqualified to be president, and let's face it, the main job of the VP is to be president-in-reserve should anything happen to the president.

And she's going to bring front and center the question of McCain's age.

This is so bad a selection that I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't make it out of the convention on the ticket.

McGovern ended up dumping Sen. Thomas Eaglton after reports surfaced that he had undergone mental treatments.

McGovern ended up winning just two "states" -- Massachusetts and D.C.

McCain may pick up just a couple from the deep south, Idaho and Alaska at this rate.

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