Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lieberman and McCain and screwing with the Dems and the media

So we got rumors swirling around that McCain may announce his VP pick in competition with Obama's speech.

First, it's really a cheap stunt to do this sort of thing and what little civility remains between the parties will be sorely tested by this kind of thing. The Democrats went first with their con because that's the understanding that has grown up over the years. If the GOP takes unfair advantage of this then we can expect all sorts of screwing around with convention dates in the future.

Lieberman. Ooooh, I hope it's Lieberman. I can't imagine a bigger disaster for the GOP. (Well, maybe Romney would be close). They say the first rule for a VP pick is do no harm.

Lieberman's betrayal of the Democratic party would be complete and would energize every party loyalist -- even the Hillary folks.

At the same time, GOP stalwarts would be appalled. While Lieberman has been a big supporter of Bush's foreign follies, he's otherwise a standard Liberal. Pick Joe, pleeasse.

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