Monday, January 12, 2009

Party of Torture

Of course, no sooner do I point out that the dems are Putzes does Fred Barnes remind us that the GOP is something far worse -- the party of torturers.

According to Barnes, No. 2 on Bush's list of "achievements" is torture. (Of course he doesn't call it that). The rest of the list isn't much better, but that "achievement" is stunning. For years, or course, the standard line at the Weekly Standard and its allies was that it wasn't really happening. But now that it's been admitted, it's an "achievement" to be proud of.

read the shameful post here:

Until the GOP works through that enabling of evil, we're going to be in for a long rule by Putzes. Frankly, Putzes are much less frightening than Torture-apologists. About the only positive aspect of this whole affair is that the torture regime also turned out to be incompetent. Had we been governed by competent torturers we'd be in big trouble.

Our Republic is demonstratively resilient enough to survive rule by Putz, having survived many previous episodes. But I'm not sure any Republic can log survive rule by a regime willing to torture people. Sure it always starts with real "enemies of the state," but it never ends there.

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