Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Powerline's bizarre retrospective on Bush

The Powerline Bush retrospective is full of questionable comments, but this one caught my eye:

President Bush leaves office mostly unloved, with some poll respondents saying that they consider him one of our worst presidents ever. This in itself is odd. Generally, our worst Presidents have been one-termers, for obvious reasons: James Buchanan, Jimmy Carter, Herbert Hoover (if you buy into the myth). But George W. Bush was re-elected rather easily in 2004. Thus, if he really was one of our worst Presidents, either the electorate was subject to mass hypnosis, or something must have gone seriously wrong in his second term.

Easily re-elected? If I remember correctly , if just a few thousand votes had gone the other way in Ohio then Kerry would have been president. That's "easily" for an incumbent president? What, pray tell, would have barely winning re-election looked like?

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