Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zero Tolerance For Common Sense

Every year we're treated to stories of school systems run by people with advanced degrees have no common sense and less moral backbone and therefore they feel obliged to give some poor kid an awful day that they will remember for the rest of their lives just so the educators can follow some rule.

The latest one from South Carolina:

Some kid uses a broken pencil sharpener and the teacher decides the little blade is a "weapon" and makes a federal case about it.

You know, how about some common sense and a little damn love for the poor child here. Evidently this was not a trouble-making child and there's no question that it was simply a kid using a broken pencil sharpener, Now the child is going to be suspended for two days. A teacher with some common sense and real concern for their student (as opposed to being primarily concerned about No. 1 and getting in trouble for not following the rule strictly enough) would have simply pocketed the blade and sent it home with the child at the end of the day, perhaps with a little not to mom and dad asking that they replace the broken tool. I have no doubt that every day, across America in thousands of classrooms most teachers are exercising just that level of common sense and love for their charges dealing with similar cases that don't make the news.

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