Friday, May 2, 2008

Kool-aid drinking GOP

Once again a Serious Person pundit mistakes his own bizarre thoughts for what Most Americans Think (Tm)

In this case it's Victor Davis Hanson:

I think we have sort of reached an impasse on Rev. Wright. Most Americans, I think, accept the following realties. Obama, by what he wrote in his memoirs, by what he said when he spoke in his early campaign speeches, by his frequent praise of Wright, and by his 20-year presence in front of, and subsidies to, Wright knew exactly the racist and anti-American nature of his odious pastor.

Of course, many GOP folks, and quite a few Americans generally, have trouble understanding the concept that America can be criticized without the critic being "anti-American." Anyone not complete ignorant of U.S. history knows that sometimes the U.S. has acted like a shit. (Tuskegee, Trail of Tears, anyone?) The entire civil rights movement came about because of century of broken promises and pretty bad treatment by most of our society.

What I think Most Americans Think (Tm) is that they are voting for Obama for president, not Wright and maybe they should pay attention to what Obama wrote, what Obama said and what Obama did to decide, not what Wright wrote, said or did. What a concept.

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