Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama wins

Well, Kentucky covered itself in glory today, eh? While polite company tried to ignore it as best they could, it was clear from the exit polls that good old fashioned racism was the main reason for Obama's poor showing. Oregon, which is, in economic terms virtaully the same as Kentucky went the other way, so we can discount the "class" arguments being used to excuse the Appalachian voters.

In the end it doesn't matter. Clinton is toast, but don't look for a graceful exit. Her spokespeople and herself are veering into Baghdad Bob territory. She's ahead in the popular vote IF you count Florida and Michigan and IF you give Obama 0 votes in Michigan (where he followed the rules and wasn't even on the ballot) and IF you don't count the caucus states.

So in other words, IF she cheats then she's the winner.

I had drifted into acceptance of Clinton as an acceptable choice if it came down to her because I was so disaffected with the GOP but she has managed to remind me of all the things I really dislike about the Clintons. I've had quite enough of presidents with a dodgy relationship with the truth and facts for the last 16 years, thank you.

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