Friday, October 31, 2008

A comment on Afro-mercial

I left this comment on in response to Riehl asking if anyone saw the "Afro-merical" on TV.

And after calling it an "afro-mercial" you expect:

1) To be taken seriously

2) To recruit non-white people into the conservative movement someday

3) Someone to believe your self-delusion that it wasn't a racist remark

Well, I know it's completely fruitless to tell you this, because your blindness is impenetrable, but it is, indeed, a racist remark. The fact that you can't see it is no evidence that it isn't actually racist, merely evidence that you don't understand.

Given that the country is inexorably becoming more diverse by the minute, consvervatives are going to have to come to terms with the question of race and ethnicity if conservative philosophy is to survive in American politics.

There's nothing inherently racist in a conservative politics, although its particular history in America on that score is not a happy one. There are left-wing racists and many individuals from minority groups have conservative personal philosophy and conduct. If conservatives became self-aware enough about racism to purge it from their polotics they may find it possible to connect political conservatism with the personal conservatism of many minority people.

Instead we have a black Republican women in tears because her Party mailed out "Obamabucks" with images of watermeleon and fried chicken and the party official professing ignorance of its racial implications.

If she was, indeed, ignorant (giving her far more than the benefit of the coubt) than she needs to educate herself. Ignorance is a poor defense on this topic.

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Racism has suddenly become more embraced during these campaign times. They use Obama as the face... but he's just as brown as I am. ^_^ And racism is never directed at only one person.

In my opinion McCain (especially McCain) and Palin should be ashamed of themselves and held accountable for what kind of base they have rallied. They have emphasized fear of the darkies, hatred of the Middle East, and all kinds of anger during their rallies. The kind of racism I have seen from the 35+ers in this country has been astounding. It's almost like they were holding it all in, just waiting for someone with just enough power and influence to tell them that it's okay to vocally and physically express their hatred and fear that the white people in America are inching closer and closer to 50% by the day.

Just saying. I'm pretty disgusted. I'm young and all but I have never seen such BLATANT racism before. And so many people backing up those views. And the candidate who has basically allowed those people to rally behind him is saying NOTHING. Or saying that he is "proud of the people who come to his rallies".

I don't know where he has been but the people who are going to his rallies and the people who are a) yelling "n*gger" at Palin rallies, b) hanging Obama effigies at colleges, c) comparing Obama to a monkey, d) refusing to hand out candy during Halloween to children whose parents are voting for Obama/Biden, e) call Obama a "terrorist" and yell "kill him!"... THEY ARE THE SAME PEOPLE!

<3 yer daughter

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