Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My open letter to the RNC

I got a mail solicitation from the RNC today. While I didn't send them any money, they kindly provided a postpaid envelope and I decided to take advantage of this to share with them why I won't be sending them any money.

Here's what I wrote:
Dear RNC

Thank you for your invitation to contribute to RNC Victory 2008. I will decline.
The Republican Party has lost its way.
The party I supported for most of my adult life is gone, replaced by one that supports unrestrained spending, unwise warring and ill-disguised hostility to science, education and a substantial number of its fellow citizens because of their race, ethnicity and family relationships.
I won’t spend space here with a detailed critique. You can catch the gist of it from conservative folks as diverse as Andrew Sullivan, Daniel Larison, George Will, Colin Powell and even Pat Buchanan.
I do want to highlight one issue however, and that is American torture and the Republican party’s explicit and implicit support and complicity in the policies that made it a practice.
For more than four decades whenever I have held a ballot and I did not have a good reason to vote for someone else my default vote as been for the person with an “R” next to their name. That is over.
Until such time as the Republican Party vigorously repudiates American torture and remembers its ancient support for the rule of law my default vote will go to the “D” adorned candidates.
This year, after being a registered Republican for 45 years, I changed my party affiliation to unenrolled.
The Democratic Party has little to recommend it except that it is not the Republican Party. That will have to do.
How long it will have to do depends on you people.

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