Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber or Joe the Plant

So Daily Kos is all a-twitter over the holes in "Joe the Plumber's" story.

Details here:

Evidently he's had tax issues.

Evidently he's actually a Republican.

It's even alleged he's got at least a Bill Ayers'-style connection to the Keating folks.

It's also noted that the McCain campaign had his phone number, although they swear they didn't give him "media training."

For the record, it sounds suspiciously like another inept GOP dirty trick.

Someday they will rediscover the value of actual values (you know, the kind you live by, not just talk about). Once (and if) they do, they will start to recover. The Democrats will always be vulnerable on that score.

Meanwhile Drudge has still failed to make note of the Palin abuse-of-power-probe,

Meanwhile PBS is balking at airing a documentary that shows how the Bush torture regime came about.

Oh, and meanwhile the economy is going to absolutely to hell.

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