Sunday, October 12, 2008

Drudge STILL ignores Palin Troopergate report

Palin and (McCain campaign chair) Davis lie about what the report said in a way that would do credit to a Lewis Carroll poem, but Drudge simply IGNORES it entirely.

This is pretty blatant, even for Drudge.

And, frankly. may even be dangerous for his agenda-setting power. If opinion makers and newsrooms and pundits can't even ink to all important stories (Drudge's spin isn't as much of a problem, as most opinion makers, newsrooms and pundits can see through the crap) then they will eventually go elsewhere.

Up until now Drudge has been a useful tool, even though his partisanship is on open display because he was fairly good about providing links to stuff that you know he didn't like. But to completely ignore the TrooperGate report threatens to remove his usefulness.

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