Thursday, February 14, 2008

More disappointments

Well, the GOP walked out of the House today in protest over the FISA immunity bill. It would be nice if they'd do something like that over some high and noble principle, rather than rewarding lawbreaking.

Speaking of lawbreaking, McCain's refusal to vote in favor of banning the CIA from performing waterboarding torture is a big disappointment. It really speaks to why there's no Republican that can be trusted to be in the White House this time -- even McCain. While, as a torture victim himself, McCain doesn't seem to truly understand the principles at stake here, so he's unwilling to make a stand at any political cost.

Meanwhile, the rot at the core of this entire debate is exemplified by Billy Kristol, who is "ambalent on torture."
I see. I suppose we can be ambivalent about murder, rape or genocide, too, depending upon circumstances.
What's laughable, of course is how the same people who have been critical of situational ethics for so long have embraced it wholeheartedly on this topic.

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