Friday, February 29, 2008

Will Hillary go on?

The question is not whether Obama will build on his lead Tuesday, but whether or not he can add enough to persuade Hillary that the jig is up. The Clinton camp seems resigned to losing Texas and Vermont already, and are even putting out the word that anything less than a clean sweep by Obama will be a disappointment.
Oh really? It's hard to see how a singular victory in Rhode Island will be enough. Indeed, it seem ready-maid for mockery. "Clinton takes smallest state! Touts R.I. as turning the tide!"
So it will come down to Ohio in the end, it appears. The latest polls show her holding on to a diminishing lead. The pattern so far as been for Obama to make big inroads inn the last week or so, but it's an open question whether he'll make up enough ground to win outright. The most likely result seem to be a Clinton victory in the single digits. A victory like that can plausibly be given a positive spin -- it is a victory, after all. But the reality is that it will do nothing to halt Obama's march to the nomination.

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