Sunday, February 10, 2008

Veeerrry Interesting Saturday

Obama's strategy of incrementally chiping away at her delegate lead is working rather well. The national media seem determined not to abandon its "Clinton-as-frontrunner" narrative despite the fact that Clinton's strategy is in serious trouble at this point. At the risk of jinxing Obama, it seems clear to me that he's probably going to be the nominee.

If anything, the most interesting development was on the GOP side. It's surprising, no, shocking, that Huckabbe can pummel McCain so thoroughly AFTER McCain has been practially annointed as the nominee.
The math is against Huckabee, of course, but one has to wonder what the effect will be on McCain if Huckabee starts racking up a whole series of winners. Will the Party be happy is the guy who is winning at the end doesn't get the nomination? Has that even happened before?

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YAY OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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