Thursday, February 7, 2008

Now here's some real tortured illogic

From an AP story about the White House admission today that yes, the U.S. has used waterboarding but claiming that it's not illegal.
Officials fear calling waterboarding torture or illegal could expose government employees to criminal or civil charges or even international war crimes charges.
Now, this is so utterly without merit that it's hard to credit that so-called adult men and women would even say such a stupid thing. But at the risk of insulting the dear reader's intelligence, I'll point out the obvious. It's a war crime whether or not the war criminal calls it a crime. Indeed, most criminals, even petty ones, have many rationalizations for what they do and rarely admit that what they're doing is wrong or a crime.

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Nicest Girl said...

I would love to see them get what's coming to them but I would not at all be surprised if somehow the United States is able to escape prosecuting anyone.

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