Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Obama has a good night

While many supporters undoubtedly hoped for even more, it's clear that trends are not in Clinton's favor. She's mostly hanging on through institutional forces that heavilt favored her.
Obama won at least a dozen states tonight, across the breadth of the entire country. He won states in every single region.
I think that, in the end, he will be the Democratic nominee. Obama has momentum. He has money. And now time is in his favor. Clinton's strategy was based on knocking off all competitors with a big Super Tuesday. That's failed. Now she'll have to battle state-by-state against Obama on the retail level.

Meanwhile, we have positive developments as well. Neither McCain nor Huckabee are creatures of the Bushist right. Their preferred candidate is only still in the race because he has an enormous personal fortune that he's willing to spend and a GOP establishment that has no where else to turn.
Still, it seems that McCain will be the GOP nominee, and may very well have Huckabee as Veep.

So, the bottom line is that Bushism is dead. Thoroughly rejected by both parties. Torture will end. If they are smart, those running the CIA secret prisons will start dismantling that whole thing ASAP. They can't expect that the new president will be favorably disposed to what they have done.

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