Saturday, March 22, 2008

Carville ought to understand Judas

If there's a nastier political operative on the scene today than James Carville then I have yet to see him.
It's certainly an illuminating glimpse into the mindset of the Clintonites that one of them could liken Richardson's decision to endorse Obama instead of Clinton to Judas' betrayal of Christ. The sense of entitlement is palpable. How dare that uppity you-know-what not wait his turn and let Hillary have what is rightfully hers? How dare he?

I will be soooo glad to see the Clintons retire into graceful obscurity when Obama wins. The only downside is if McCain manages to pull it out, because then the Clintons will be in full I-told-you-so-mode.
Fortunately the Republicans seem determined to continue their self-destruction, not to mention seem doomed to reap a full measure of whet Bush as sown, so I think there's a good chance Obama will do it.

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