Sunday, March 30, 2008


It appears Hillary Clinton is gearing up to try to win her nomination via seating the Michigan delegates (in the race everyone said they would not campaign and almost everyone managed to take their names off the ballot) and the Florida delegates (in another race everyone promised not to campaign and everyone except her kept that promise) and thereby eke out some kind of backroom deal.
Even if the GOP had managed to select Rudy or Mitt I don't think I could have swallowed this kind of crap, but considering that the GOP settled on McCain, who is at least acceptable, then there's no way I'd end up voting her way. It would have been different if she managed to win fair and square. In that case, even with her many flaws, my desire to punish the GOP and see the kind of good housecleaning you only get with a change of party would have made me hold my nose and vote for her.
Now, my lonely little vote might not count for much, but here is something that should give the Democrats pause: If Clinton were to win that way, there is no way that black Americans would regard the affair as anything less than stealing the election away from Obama.
Largely, this is because the perception would be accurate!
If Obama manages to win pluralities in every category and she wins by cheating, the the Democrats will have managed to do the impossible and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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