Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clintonian Crap

Here we go again.
Already the Clintons are starting up their crap. They say there are "unanswered questions" about Obama's relationship with Rezko. (Obama said all questions have been answered and I'd like to hear what question, exactly, is still outstanding)
Meanwhile Clnton will not release her tax returns and there are a lot of questions (unanswered ones, by the way) about how they suddenly became so rich they could lend their campaign $5 million. There response is to attack the right to ask the question.
Well, the biggest problem of the last four presidential terms (two Clinton and the last two Bush) has been this sense that somehow the rules don't apply to the King. I, for one, don't want four more years of that crap. Pretty soon we'll have a whole generation of voters who don't know an era when the President was accountable under the law like everyone else. Instead we're getting our own politics Putin-ized.

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