Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"I was a Republican until they lost their minds"

"I was a Republcian until they lost their minds." Charles Barkley
This is the single best quote summing up my feelings about the Bush-led GOP

John Cole over at Balloon Juice points out some more of the stupidity thta passes for "conservative 'thought' these days. Disclaimer: Yes, I know there's plenty of stupid liberal comment. No kidding, we already knew that! The conservatives used to be the master of the rational argument.

Ace o’ Spades, proudly carrying the banner for today’s conservative movement, carefully explains why his selective prudery isn’t anywhere near as cravenly hackish as it appears:

"I know what the liberals are asking: Why is [Spitzer] such a big deal, and Sen. David Vitter’s previous experience with call girls isn’t?

Shut up, that’s why."

Bill Buckley wept.

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