Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fifth anniversary of the war

Like most people, I saw the war start in CNN, even though I was on my way to the war zone. Or at least, I was trying to get a ride to the war zone, as I was in Colorado Springs at Ft. Carson.
I eventually managed to get to Iraq, after stops in Germany and Romania, although I didn't stay in Iraq very long -- just 35 days in country.
I will admit that I was very, very wrong about the war, which I supported at the time.
I was wrong because I assumed that Saddam did have some WMDs hidden away. It seemed like the most logical explanation for his odd behavior. What all of us failed to remember was that Saddam and logic were not good friends.
I was wrong because I assumed that, because Bush was betting his entire presidency on the outcome. he would everything possible to ensure that it would succeed. What I failed to recognize was ideology would be married to incompetence to create a perfect storm of ineffectiveness.
I was wrong because I assumed that the need to win he war would cause Bush to hold people accountable. In fact, the only people ever punished by Bush were people who were insufficiently loyal to the official line. Mere incompetence, corruption or partisan blindness were no problem, so long as you were loyal.
I was wrong to trust the government.

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