Monday, April 28, 2008

Are we a non-Geneva state now?

Andrew Sullivan asks: Is the U.S. a non-Geneva state?

I think the U.S, has de facto withdrawn from the Geneva conventions and stands in great danger of very negative consequences down the road unless the next president takes firm steps to right the ship.

One interesting feature in Sullivan's site is a poll on the question.50 percent of the respondents say the US is now a non0Geneva state, the rest say it still is or are not sure. There's also a state-by-state breakdown. Only a handful of states show a majority believing the US still is a Geneva state. Notable states where the majority of respondents still believe the US has not managed to remove itself from Geneva despite torturing people are New Hampshire, Alaska and Texas.

Now obviously this is not a scientific poll and can't be taken as a definitive statement on how people in Texas, or anyplace else feel about the question, but it's still interesting to see the sorts of places where a large number of people can still buy into the Bush viewpoint.

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