Friday, April 4, 2008

Army reducing tours

The Army will reportedly begin cutting tours of duty in Iraq back down to 12 months.
This will help, but we're still way over extended.
Even during Vietnam and Korea the U.S. was sure to keep a strategic reserve, usually the 82d Airborne.
Right now we have none. Every single brigade is either in Iraq, recovering for Iraq or preparing for Iraq. We're supposed to have an airborne brigade, a heavy brigade and a third brigade at minimum available for contingencies. We don't.
Even more cause for concern is the degrading of training. Because they're serving as counterinsurgency infantry, our artillerymen are not training in firing their guns. I suspect other specialized troops are also not getting needed training. How many armored troops are serving as infantry and not getting to practice their tank tables?
This could have severe consequences should we get involved in a heavy contingency anytime soon.
We're skating on the edge.

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