Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's not torture when WE do it, only when THEY do it

Karl Rove wrote an interesting piece about Sen. McCain's character in the Wall Street Journal that's worth a read:

I think McCain would be a decent president, by the way, which is why I think we're bound to see an improvement in affairs after next January. Obama, McCain -- even Clinton, God forbid -- can't help but be an improvement over Worst President In U.S. History (TM) . I think Obama has the potential to be a better-than-average president, but my main motivation for preferring him is a strong belief that a complete repudiation of Bushism is needed and Obama represents the biggest "Anti-Bush."

Interestingly enough, as Andrew Sullivan notes, Rove makes the point that McCain's great character is revealed by his reaction to being tortured by the Vietnamese. Oh, and by the way, one of the tortures they used was Stress Positions, which WE NOW RESERVE THE RIGHT TO USE AS WELL. I guess Rove forgot to stay "on message."

Rove (with emphasis from me):
Another McCain story, somewhat better known, is about the Vietnamese practice of torturing him by tying his head between his ankles with his arms behind him, and then leaving him for hours. The torture so badly busted up his shoulders that to this day Mr. McCain can't raise his arms over his head.

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