Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who will take the blame

Stories like this one about "Top officials from Cheney on down" being involved in detailed discussions of torture tactics in the White House show that the end game is beginning:

Clearly these kind of leaks are coming from folks that want to make sure that they don't take the fall for this crap when the shit hits the fan after Jan. 20 next year.

Whether Obama or McCain wins the general election there will not be a torture supporter in the White House. Obama clearly, by temperament, legal training, philosophy and moral standards will detest the Bush torture regime and repudiate it. McCain has more personal reasons, as a victim of torture himself.

CIA and military torturers and their enablers have determined that they will be very vulnerable once Bush leaves office and they have no intention of falling on their swords for the political hacks who got them into this mess in the first place.

Expect a lot more stuff to come out. How about that memo that's still "secret." (We know now, of course, that this administration wouldn't know a real secret if it was stamped on Bush's forehead. All "secret" means here is "we don't want you to see it because then you'd see with your own eyes it's got less substance than a sock full of puppy poop.")

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