Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Among my fantasies -- or at least the ones I can blog about -- I imagine getting a chance to really sit down with some top GOP folks who ought to know better and really talk to them.

I'd love to explain to them that I'd really much rather be a Republican than a Democrat on so many issues, yet they seem to go out of their way to make that impossible.

First, of foremost, of course, is the torture issue. I simply can't be a member of the torture party. This will have to go. The GOP will simply have to forcefully repudiate this whole line of work and the abuses to law that enabled it for me to ever go back.

I'd sure as hell like to the Republicans to remember that the rich and powerful, while not deserving of persecution and demonizing, certainly also don't need an awful lot of help. Having money and education and influence will always be helpful. They don't need special breaks. There's no reason why Republicans couldn't worry more about the workings tiff and the small business owner.

And it would be nice if Republicans remembered that America includes all of us, and the kind of thinking that allows worlds like "macaca" and "boy" to slip out of the mouths of prominent elected officials will never lead back into power. The country isn't 90% white any more, in case they didn't notice.

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