Friday, January 18, 2008

Clinton Crap

I was better disposed to the notion of a possible Hillary Clinton administration at the beginning of this process than I am now that the campaign has been going on. Once they were put under a little stress the Clintons reminded me of all the reasons why I disliked them in the first place. The little "dispute" over the Nevada caucuses is a good example.
Now, purely on the merits, I think the Clinton side had some valid points. However, the proper time to raise them was when the plan was being set up, not just a few days before the caucuses and day after the casino workers decided to endorse Obama. It's too late then to argue about principles.
And then, of course, they insist they had nothing to do with the challenge. That's what I can't stand about the Clintons. They feel absolutely entitled to tell us any bullshit story they want and we're supposed to just accept it.
Well, after 8 years of Clinton I treating me and my fellow citizens like mushrooms, followed by 7+ years of Bush II also treating us like mushrooms I'm not in any mood for more of that kind of crap. It's the main reason why Romney has turned me off.
Don't they get it? Haven't they noticed that the candidates getting the most enthusiasm are Obama, McCain, Edwards, Paul and Huckabee. Those guys are generally telling people what they really think. You may or may not agree or like it, but you can respect it.
Meanwhile people like Clinton, Romney, Guiliani and Thompson are basically putting us on notice that if we elect them, we're going to get a steady diet of crap for at least four more years.
Go to hell.

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