Sunday, January 20, 2008

Clintonion priorities

It's becoming evident that the Clintons will do whatever it takes to win, heedless of the cost to their reputations, their party or even their country.
One can't begrudge them believing they're the best to lead. The moment they stop believing that they must stop running. But making a case for Hillary is far different than making a case against Obama. Recently they've started to head down that road and it's led to some nasty crap.
Hillary needs to explain why her vision is better. This "experience" line of argument is crap.
First of all, she doesn't have significantly more experience than Obama. A couple years more in the U.S. Senate compared to quite a few years in a state Senate ends up being a wash from any rational perspective.
Secondly, if she's arguing that experience is what should matter than she's completely wiped out by most of the GOP field. McCain, Romney, Huckabee all have far more experience than her, and she doesn't have much, if any advantage over Giuliani, Paul or Thompson either. Experience is not a winner for the Democrats this time around.


Sammy said...

It is true, as you say, that Hillary has served only two years in the U.S. Senate? I thought it was longer than that.

Sammy said...

Oops! Sorry. You said a "couple years more." My error.

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