Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Did Hillary really win?

Blogs are beginning to buzz about the odd outcome of the N.H. primary.
The pre-election polls all showed Obama beating Clinton. The exit polls showed the same. The polls were all right on the money for all the other candidates, GOP and Democrat, except the Clinton-Obama race.
And now folks start to dig and find things like the fact that the hand-counted ballots were also heavily for Obama but machine counted one were for Clinton.
Normally I'm not one for conspiracy theories at all, but I must admit I'm bothered. Questions have already been raised well before this race about these optical scan machines and the potential for tampering and hacking.
The beauty of this kind of ballot stuffing is that it would be impossible to discover without a hand recount. Evidently only a candidate can request it in N.H. and it's unlikely a candidate who lost by 3% would ask for a recount. In legitimate elections recounts almost never change the outcome, even when extremely close.
Now, if this kind of thing happened in a place like, let's say, Kenya, the media would likely question the results. Are we to assume that vote fraud would never happen here?

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