Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mark Levin is a fool

Here's the excerpt, part of a long anti-McCain piece. Emphasis mine:

Moreover, one of the problems Bush had when he took office was that the military had been hollowed out. There weren't enough soldiers, and I would argue there still aren't. Bush had to simultaneously rebuild the military and fight the war. If McCain were such a great leader on military affairs, and as competent at "reaching across the aisle and working with Democrats" as he claims, why didn't he make this a priority? In fact, he has spent a great deal of his time in the Senate on domestic issues, and in that he has a mixed record. And when he did focus on the Pentagon, he attacked its wastefulness and sought, at times, to micro-manage it. But let's no rewrite his record into something it was not.

The war's been going on for four years! There's still not enough troops and somehow that's not Bush's fault, it's McCains! This is Bushist logic to the extreme. In every other war we fought one of the very first measures that the President at the time took was to increase the size of the Army. Bush not only did not increase the Army, but his SecDef resisted calls to do so. Levin says McCain attacked Penatgon wastefulness (this is a bad thing?) and tried to micro-manage it. Well, maybe that was necessary beacuse the war was so badly managed by Bush.

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