Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina

I'll venture no predictions about the voting today except that there will be furious spinning no matter what the final result, especially from the Clinton camp. They've been busy downplaying expectations.
Meanwhile, the Clintons are busy laying the groundwork for a dirty trick by making noises about counting the delegates stripped from Florida and Michigan for breaking the DNC rules. While in principle I'm not too keen about delegate stripping, I understand that the parties need to have some way to enforce their rules if they are going to get anyone to follow them. It might have been better to do what the GOP did and just reduce the delegates.
Still, this was the rules agreed on and everybody agreed to abide by it.
So it's simply too late to change the rule now without it being unfair. The candidates campaigned based on Florida and Michigan not counting, it's bad faith to break that promise now.
Of course, with the Clintons there is no such thing as bad faith.

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