Thursday, January 24, 2008

Democrats are losers

Just weeks ago I was prepared to vote for any Democrat over any Republican except maybe, McCain.
But the Clintons reminded me what utter, despicable sleazeballs they are with their racist smear campaign against Obama. They once again demosntrated that truth and honesty are completely alien concepts to them. Having had my fill of dishonesty over the last 7 years I have no stomach for more of it.
So now I know that I'll vote for almost any Republican over Clinton. I'll admit, having to choose between Rudy and Hillary woould be an agonizing choice. Lord I hope it doesn't come to that. And picking Huckabee or Romney over HRC would really be a case of picking the lesser of two evils. There'd be no joy in that vote. McCain absolutely gets the nod over Clinton.
I'd probably still pick McCain over Edwards, but otherwise Edwards wins over the rest of the GOP field in my book.
The happiest choice would be between McCain and Obama, because either is a win for America. And if the GOP picks someone else then Obama all the way.
Can the Democrats be so stupid as to not pick Obama?
One Democrat thinks so:

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