Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hew Hampshire Recount

Looks like there will be a recount in New Hampshire, although it comes from an unexpected quarter.
Paul supporters have been up in arms over an error in Sutton, N.H., where Paul was initially reported to have gotten 0 votes, but this was corrected to 31 votes after a voter complaint. Many Paul supporters were pushing for a recount.
Various bloggers, mostly Paul people, but others have pointed out some anomalies in the voting, especially an apparent unexplained discrepancy between hand-counted votes (which went for Obama) and machine-count votes (which went for Clinton).
Kucinich cited these kinds of concerns about the integrity of the voting process in his letter requesting a recount. This is not a minor request, as apparently the recount will cost some $65,000, a significant sum for a small campaign.
Still, I'm glad to see this happen. I, for one, don't want to have nagging doubts about the integrity of the process. New Hampshire, being a small and easily recounted state, seems like a good place to have this resolved.

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